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I received my Diploma in Mathematics/Physics with Education from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and then my Degree in Education (Science) with Honours from Open University of Malaysia.
I have been in the teaching profession since 1982 and had since taught in a number of secondary schools before being promoted as the headmistress of a primary school in 1992. Since then, I have been the head of three primary schools.
I have been appointed as the Central Master Trainer to train primary school teachers when Science was first introduced in the primary school level. Since then, I have been quite active in the development of Teaching and Learning of Science at the National, State and District levels. I have also often been invited to give talks to schools to assist UPSR candidates in enhancing their understanding in the Science Process Skills involving the Section B part of the UPSR exam paper.
Being chosen as one of the seven Malaysian delegates to visit Indonesian schools to study a special twinning programme between the Indonesian and Germany Education Ministry had been one of the higlights in my teaching career.


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Saturday, June 20, 2009


On 20 June 2009 I was invited to give a talk on the answering techniques at SRI ABIM. The audience consisted of the school's UPSR candidates and some from nearby schools totalling to about 120 students. In general, the participation from the students were okay as they were willing to try to answer the questions asked. Any inaccurate answer was discussed so as to highlight to the students to prevent them from making the same mistake in future. We sang a few science songs together to liven up the session and also to avoid students from getting bored and sleepy, especially after a short recess with nasi lemak. As usual, after the session the students were eager to geta my autograph, email etc. Anyway, I wish them all the best and may the majority of them get an A for their Science paper. Good luck children..!!

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